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I have never had to look for a job.
I have worked as a C.P. A. all my life but I am now grey-haired, 63 years old and need to find a new job. My question is, should I die my hair?

Max Replies:

Since you are asking the question,
I sense you think it might help you send the message to prospective employers that you are full of "gray-matter" not just gray hair!

If dying your hair boosts your self-confidence and make you feel more competitive, you will come across as self-confident and competitive!

So, go for it….but also remember….polish your pitch, not just your head!


Our organization has changed a lot
over the years, but people who have known us still hold on to an old impression. Someone suggested we needed to change our name for people to understand our new direction. Is this true?

Max Replies:

Absolutely not.
Don't toss out the good brand recognition you have earned over the years. With a good marketing and public relations campaign, you can make use of a variety of good tools to "re-launch" yourself.

A fresh look or logo, catchy tagline, or an updated message can give people the opportunity to take a "brand" new look at your organization.

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